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Dr. Jacqueline Smith Auguste

After completing the orthopaedic surgery residency training program at the University of Calgary in 2002, Dr. Smith Auguste came to Toronto to pursue fellowship training in lower extremity reconstruction, musculoskeletal oncology and sport injuries which she completed in 2004.

Dr. Smith Auguste is currently a member of the medical staff at Humber River Hospital, a member of the Medical Team at the Gorman/Shore Sport Injury Clinic at York University and is based at the Downsview Orthopaedic and Arthritis Centre in North York.

Prior to entering medical school, Dr. Smith Auguste completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy at the University of Alberta, and a Masters in Health Service Administration from Central Michigan University. Dr. Smith Auguste also achieved PhD candidacy in Adminstration prior to entering Medical School at the University of Calgary. She is currently completing a Masters of Business Administration through Keller Graduate School of Management.

As a former professional figure skater and competitive athlete in alpine skiing and windsurfing, Dr. Smith Auguste has always maintained a keen interest in bone and joint health. She currently specializes in the surgical treatment of joint disorders such as arthritis, sport-related injuries and trauma.

Dr. Jacqueline Smith Auguste accepts Canadian, US and international patients. Uninsured patients are welcome to call us for more information regarding fee schedules. New Patients: please ask your physician or family doctor to fax a referral to: 416.352.5123.
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"Dr. Auguste excels in all aspects of exemplary medical and orthopedic care and to a level rarely seen today and unfortunately long almost none nonexistent in many. Radiating from a unpretentious humbled core is a colleague with a genuine and passionate care not only for patients but also for society as a whole. Tragically these few such physicians with such morality have all but disappeared under oceans of those more focused on "self-seeking" goals. Many such physicians are quick to pontificate these former high ideals and principles. However, their actions or repeated lack in saying/doing what is right confirm the opposite since actions do speak more revealing that their words. On the other hand, Dr. Auguste's actions have repeatedly and solidly validated that she is indeed a rare physician these days and a priceless asset to our society and medical community as a whole." Dr. Frank Evans, Director at Professional Assessment and Management, January 28, 2013

"I was one of Dr. Auguste first patients from residency and I cannot say enough about her skills & abilities. I am privileged to have her as my OS with 4 foot surgeries and 2 knee surgeries to date - I have not once been disappointed with her care. She will soon be completing my TKR and I know I will not be disappointed. Spread the news! " C.F., Toronto,, September, 2011

"I just wanted to say that she did an amazing job. Very professional and clearly knows what shes doing. My knee is %100 again.Thank you." R.R., Toronto,, January 2013